Costas Dafnis

Costas Dafnis

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  • The Matterlighblooming at 2019 Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music

  • Encampment featured in Daniel Kremer’s Overwhelm the Sky

  • Parliament in Flight included in “The New Winds of Change: Evolution of the Contemporary Wind Ensemble” by Frank L. Battisti

  • Dallas Winds and South Texas Brass Symposium award COMMUTE alongside premiere by the SoCal Brass Consortium

  • Marsyas featured at Cinequest in C.R. Coppola’s virtual reality film Universe At Play

  • Weather Veins performed by Brannigan Danceworks and cellist Evan Kahn for San Francisco-based event “Sound and Image”

  • Premiere recording of Ockeghem’s Razor released on Fleur de Son

  • Mariana for solo voice and electronics featured by NOAA/PMEL’s Joe Haxel


Costas Dafnis is a composer and sound artist based in California. In addition to concert music he writes for theater, dance and games, lectures in film at San Francisco Art Institute and composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.